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Throwing an extraordinary event without spending extraordinary amounts of money is the ultimate goal for many people. While fabulous decor and amenities amplify the ambiance, going overboard can also increase costs to stratospheric levels. With some creative thinking and smart sourcing though, styling your event into an Instagram-worthy scene is totally achievable on a reasonable budget.

Do-It-Yourself Darlings

For substantial savings, taking certain decorative elements into your own hands just makes sense. Scour thrift stores and yard sales for unique vases, candleholders, signs, and quirky display pieces. With a bit of re-imagination, you can repurpose and transform them into charming decor fitting your event’s vibe.

Making simple items like centerpieces or backdrops yourself allows complete customization without crazy rental fees. Just look online for DIY tutorials showing budget-friendly yet chic versions using inexpensive craft supplies from discount stores. The same creativity works for custom signage and printed materials too when ordering fancy versions proves too pricey.

Double Duty Decor

Stretching decor dollars further sometimes means getting dual purposes out of certain elements. For example, edible treats can double as stylish table accents before being consumed. Fruit arrangements stacked macarons or piles of gorgeously packaged candies are all decorative and delicious.

Along those lines, creatively repurposing items destined for other event uses into decor is brilliant. Promotional giveaway items like bulk designer sunglasses from a supplier like Olympic Eyewear can pull double duty as fun photo prop accessories. Or use colorful helium balloons earmarked for an entrance display as vibrant table centerpiece anchors, too.

Nature’s Cheap Provisions

Don’t underestimate how impactful incorporating free natural elements into event styling can be, especially for outdoor venues. Freshly gathered greenery artfully arranged makes simple yet striking centerpieces and garlands. Fallen leaves and branches work as rustic accents. Pinecones, moss, wildflowers, river rocks – nature’s bounty offers endless decor possibilities at zero cost.

Make Rental Companies Compete

While buying decor outright is amazing for establishing a permanent inventory, renting still makes sense for larger events and statement pieces. But do not settle for standard pricing; always diligently shop around and negotiate hard for the best possible deals on rentals.

Get quotes from multiple companies, then use them as leverage by revealing the lowest bids to other providers. Many will happily undercut competitors to win your business. Negotiating add-on incentives like fee waivers, delivery discounts or bonus inventory pieces is commonplace as well.

Snag Resale Finds

Keeping watchful eyes peeled for wholesaler liquidations, overstock selloffs, and going-out-of-business sales lets you pounce on decor inventory at steeply slashed rates. While the selection is unpredictable, scoring even gently used but posh rental quality serving ware, chargers, linens and more at 50-90% off is incredibly worthwhile.

Beyond scouring listings online, make connections with venue staff, rental companies, and other industry insiders to get insider tips on where to locate these great deals. Persistence eventually yields crazy steals like plush lounge vignettes or dramatic lighting rigs for pennies on the dollar.

Recycle Like a Rockstar

The deepest discount of all is reusing what you already own. Fastidiously track all decor inventory, meticulously storing pieces between events to avoid repurchasing replacements needlessly. Getting multiple uses out of quality foundational items makes that initial investment worthwhile.

Routinely take stock of personal stashes or repurpose unconventional household items like vintage suitcases into rustic tablescapes. Creatively recycling things already on hand amps up your styling sustainability and savings simultaneously.


With strategic planning and some resourcefulness, breathtaking event aesthetics need not break the bank. Repurposing everyday items, shopping secondhand markets, handling DIY projects, and diligent negotiating allows styling supremely memorable events even on a shoestring. Seeing the fruits of budget-friendly creativity blossom makes it deeply rewarding.

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