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ASICS running shoes

In our main range we have four different categories of ASICS running shoes according to cushioning, stability, trail/hiking and speed. For you personally, how you run, where you run, and your type of running can determine which running shoe is right for you.

running shoes

Cushioning ( neutral running shoes )

Running shoes with a shock absorption system are generally lighter and are designed to optimize your stride in a natural way while providing continuous cushioning and comfort. They are designed on a curved last (the mould) to encourage faster movement and they are perfect for neutral foot types. Shoes from the range with ASICS cushioning such as the GEL-NIMBUS ™ or the GEL-CUMULUS ™ will be particularly suitable for the underpronator / supinator (when the foot rolls outward too much) or a neutral runner with good support natural.

Check out our guide to pronation to find out which pronation type you belong to and why it matters.

running shoes

Stability (stability running shoes )

Our stability running shoes give you extra support. In this range we have running shoes with structured cushioning, designed on a straight or semi-curved last. They offer better contact with the ground and have an optimal mix of cushioning and support to protect you during the run. They are well suited for overpronators who have little natural support.

We also have running shoes that offer even more stability. They are designed for severe overpronators with very poor natural support. These are our most stable and supportive running shoes, designed on a straight last for maximum stability in contact with the ground, such as our GEL-KAYANO™ range or the GT-2000™.

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Trail / Hiking ( trail / hiking shoes )

Grip is the number one thing runners want from their shoes for off-road running. Runners then need increased protection and specific trail running features.

Our trail shoes offer increased grip, more protection, and they have thicker midsoles for superior comfort. They can also be waterproof, flexible and lightweight, depending on the type of trail running you do and the shoes you prefer.

Speed/running ( shoes for running faster )

If your goal is to run faster, whether it’s for training, interval runs or competition, then ASICS’ range of sprint running shoes are for you. These high-performance running shoes are lightweight and durable, with enough cushioning and support to keep you comfortable and stable throughout your run.

Increased propulsion and faster roll in stride are offered by powerful toe springs. Combine that with dynamic foam for better energy return and mesh for ventilation, and you’ll be able to pick up speed.

Which ASICS technologies do you want?

Our running shoes within these four categories feature different ASICS technologies. These technologies will benefit you in many ways, such as providing you with superior comfort and improving the efficiency of your running stride.

Here are some of the ASICS technologies found in our running shoes, and the unique benefits they provide:

This evolution of the DUOMAX™ system improves stability and support, with reduced weight and increased comfort.

FLYTEFOAM™ – FLYTEFOAM™ technology is at the heart of ASICS cushioning foams. We use different versions of FLYTEFOAM™ to provide specific benefits, including the following:

  • FLYTEFOAM™ – Our standard performance foam provides more rebound and is 55% lighter than average in other shoes.
  • FLYTEFOAM PROPEL™ – Our best cushioning and most durable foam combines lightweight foam and highly responsive feedback for boosted rebound and unparalleled spring to your toes.
  • FLYTEFOAM BLAST™ – This even lighter foam provides a rebounding, flexible and dynamic stride, with an unbeatable flexibility/durability ratio.
  • FLYTEFOAM BLAST TURBO™ – The lightest, most responsive foam we’ve ever created. It will help you exceed your PB and provide maximum energy return.

AHAR™ – Highly abrasion resistant ASICS rubber is tougher while running to improve the durability of your shoes and provide excellent grip.

LITETRUSS™ – This support system provides midline support without the use of a traditional midline rod.

GEL™ – Shock attenuation material placed in the midsole of the shoe for excellent cushioning and shock absorption.

GUIDANCE TRUSSTIC SYSTEM™ – This TRUSSTIC SYSTEM™ technology incorporates Guidance Line® fabrication for improved running efficiency while providing midfoot structural integrity.

GUIDESOLE™ – The curved sole design of our GUIDESOLE™ technology reduces ankle flex and provides a shock-absorbing rebound zone to reduce pressure on the foot.

ASICSGRIP™ – ASICS exclusive rubber in the outsole provides high grip on various terrains, without compromising durability.

ASICS men’s or women’s running shoes also feature category-specific technologies, and this includes:

3D SPACE CONSTRUCTION™ – This technology helps the foam conform to runners better while providing more flexibility underfoot. It helps runners to properly engage the midsole and runners to lean on a specific area which leads to better material compression during stride attack.

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