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Balance for women

Light and comfortable, New Balance shoes for women are making a comeback. By consulting our price comparison, find advice for choosing the right model for your lifestyle. When buying, be sure to consider 3 main characteristics: the stride, the size of the shoes, the material.

Purchase guide

The type of stride

To find out how to buy a New Balance for women with better value for money, you must check an important element that guarantees your comfort: the type of stride. Each person having their own way of running, it is essential, to be comfortable in their shoes and not to feel pain in the knee, to choose a pair of New Balance whose stride indication corresponds to your type. stride.

To find your stride type, refer to the front part of the outsole of your shoe. If the wear is in the middle of the forefoot, choose a “universal” running shoe: your New Balance should have a firm sole inside and outside the heel.

If the wear is on the inside edge of the forefoot, opt for “pronator” New Balance shoes: you need a model with straight axes whose midsole must be firm at the balls of the feet and flexible on the outside of the heel.

For wear located at the outer edge of the forefoot, favor a model with a “supinator” stride. For this type of stride, equip yourself with a model whose sole is very firm over the length of the foot: the shoe must contain your foot well inside.

Shoe size

Our buying guide for the best New Balance shoes for women recommends another important feature: shoe size. It is essential to choose the right size to avoid blisters and rubbing of the foot with the shoe, due to a model that is too tight. Conversely, a shoe that is too big will not support your foot enough.

To find the correct shoe size for your shoe size, measure the length of your foot in cm. Online stores generally offer a size guide on their site: find your foot size in cm on the size guide table to find its equivalent in EU, US Women or UK. If your foot size is between two measurements, choose the larger measurement.

The material

To find out where to buy a new New Balance for women, we advise you to make your purchase from stores whose New Balance material allows you to be comfortable and to vary your outfits. If you want to wear New Balance with a skirt, the models in textile or suede are ideal: they offer more choice in terms of color and pattern, allowing you to bring a touch of fantasy to your outfits .

If you are looking for a pair of New Balance to wear almost every day, choose a leather model which is more resistant and also more comfortable. Leather is a material that is not very sensitive to stains and therefore easier to maintain.

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