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Staple Makeup Products

Welcome to the exciting world of makeup! Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or a beginner, understanding the absolute basics of makeup is crucial. Every makeup vanity needs a selection of essential products that lay the foundation for your entire look. From the perfect base to the finishing touches, these staple makeup products are a must-have in your beauty arsenal.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the key products that will elevate your makeup game and enhance your natural beauty.

1.    The Canvas: Primer

Before diving into the world of makeup, prepping your skin is essential. Enter the primer – a magical product that smooths your skin’s texture and creates a flawless canvas for the rest of your makeup. Lancôme’s La Base Pro Primer is one such primer which is suitable for all skin types, helping your makeup last longer and look impeccable.

2.    The Foundation: A Perfect Match

Finding the right foundation is like finding your soulmate – it should match your skin tone perfectly. Lancôme India’s foundation collection is diverse and caters to various skin shades. Whether you prefer a lightweight liquid foundation or a compact powder one, Lancôme has got you covered.

3.    The Concealer: Hiding Imperfections

Dark circles, blemishes, and redness are no match for a good concealer. Lancôme’s Tient Idôle Ultra Wear All Over Concealer will not only cover imperfections but also brighten your under-eye area, giving you a well-rested appearance.

4.    The Contour and Highlighter Duo

Want to add some dimension to your face? A contour and highlighter duo is a game-changer. Sculpt your cheekbones and jawline with a contour shade, and then illuminate your high points with a radiant highlighter.

5.    A Luxurious Lipstick

No makeup look is complete without lipstick. Hence, you can explore L’Absolu Rouge- Lancôme’s lipstick range. This lipstick collection offers a wide array of captivating textures and shades, from bold reds to soft nudes. You have the L’Absolu Rouge Cream which is a creamy lipstick, L’Absolu Rouge Intimatte – a soft matte lipstick accompanied by a powdery finish and L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte – a long-lasting and intense matte lipstick. The smooth and moisturising formula of these lipsticks glides effortlessly on your lips, providing intense colour payoff and keeping your lips hydrated all day long. A Lancôme lipstick is a makeup bag essential that adds a touch of elegance to any look.

6.    The Luminous Blush

Rosy cheeks can instantly add a healthy glow to your face. We prefer a luminous blush such as the Blush Subtil from Lancôme that will provide a natural flush and a radiant finish. It’s the perfect finishing touch to your base makeup.

7.    Mesmerising Eyes

It is said that eyes are windows to the soul and they deserve a touch of magic. A versatile eyeshadow palette, a long-lasting eyeliner, and a volumising mascara will make your eyes pop and steal the show.

You’re now equipped with the knowledge of staple makeup products that are absolute must-haves. From versatile creamy lipsticks to foundations, go ahead and create stunning makeup looks with best-selling makeup products, and don’t forget to include these essentials in your makeup vanity!

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