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Ski Goggles

If you’ve just booked your first ski holiday and are making a list of all the things you need to buy, you might well be wondering whether Dragon Goggles should be at the top of your list?

For anyone who skis, the value of goggles can never be underestimated, and as an essential piece of kit, not only should you buy them and wear them every time you ski, but you should purchase protection for them in a form of a Gogglesoc, too.

Here are just a few reasons why Dragon Goggles are an essential piece of kit for skiers and snowboarders alike:

  • UV protection

Dragon Goggles give you 100% protection from harmful UV and UVB rays across the whole ultraviolet spectrum, preventing you from suffering short or long-term damage to your eyes.

It’s not uncommon for someone who isn’t wearing Dragon Goggles to burn their corneas as a result of excessive exposure to UV light – when spending a day on the slopes, for example – and they may go on to suffer from temporary snow blindness; a scary thing for anyone to go through. With high quality goggles that have been protected with a Gogglesoc, however, you can afford your eyes much more protection than with sunglasses, which are not sealed around the edges and expose your eyes to indirect light.

  • Minimize glare

The glare of the sun can be a real problem for skiers, who simply can’t afford to be squinting or be blinded by the intensity of the rays while skiing at high speed down the slopes. Dragon Goggles with dark lens tints help to minimize the sun’s glare reflecting off the snow, and don’t just prevent you from squinting, but ensure that your eyes don’t become damaged, too. Just be sure to protect your goggles from scratches and dirt when you’re not wearing them, by placing them inside a Gogglesoc.

  • More contrast

It’s also important as a skier or snowboarder to be able to clearly see any dips in the slope as you make your way down it, and by wearing a pair of Dragon Goggles, the greater contrast they provide between objects and shadows, can enhance what you’re seeing and make your journey down the slope safer, or more thrilling, depending on your abilities and desires!

  • Keep you warmer

When skiing or snowboarding without Dragon Goggles, your face will be far more exposed to the freezing mountain air. The movement of the wind and outside air will inevitably make your eyes water and snow will collect on your eyelashes, reducing your visibility significantly. With goggles that you’ve been protecting in a Gogglesoc, you can race down the slopes hell for leather, without a tear in sight!

  • Enhanced safety

While crashing or colliding with another skier or object is never going to be your intention, we all know that it can happen, and if you’re not wearing Dragon Goggles, blunt objects, your skis, someone else’s skis, a tree branch or even rocks, can hit you in the face and cause you some serious damage. The extra protection goggles provide you with, is far greater than sunglasses alone, and when it comes to your safety, it simply isn’t worth compromising on.

Skiing is a great pastime, and you can enhance your experience by ensuring that you always wear the proper kit, which should include Dragon Goggles (ideally protected with a Gogglesoc), gloves and a helmet.

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