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dress at the office in summer

Summer has arrived, temperatures are rising, offices are gradually emptying… It’s becoming tempting to leave your shirt in the closet and opt for a more casual outfit! Yet, you can’t bring yourself to it. Dress-code of the company or your function obliges, appointments with customers…: it is advisable to leave room for tips to remain elegant (e) without dying of heat!

Adapt the materials to the season

If your business allows it, opt for lightweight materials . Cotton, linen, silk, woven fabric…: there are many alternatives to synthetic fabrics that do not breathe . If you are forced to wear a shirt, try a cotton tank top underneath. You will not be less warm, but you may avoid some disappointments during your client meetings or public presentations.

Prepare a first aid kit

Prepare some “essentials” that you will keep at work in a drawer or on a coat rack. For example, keep a suit jacket and a clean shirt at work and pass the round trip test in good conditions. You can thus arrive in the morning in a polo shirt and put on a shirt, just before an appointment. Get wipes or a small towel, as well as a deodorant to refresh you when the heat is felt. A small kit equipped with thermal water and make-up will always be welcome for women. And don’t forget to leave a little woolen jacket in the office in case of air conditioning problems in the open space!

Let your skin breathe

Because legs and feet tend to swell in the heat, choose clothes that are fitted but not too close to the body to be comfortable throughout the day. For women, we will therefore opt for skirts, dresses or loose pants that combine comfort and elegance. Similarly, swap your high-heeled pumps for a pair of flat sandals . Exit the flip flops, mini shorts and beach dresses that we reserve for our holidays!

When temperatures rise, dark colors are left in the closet . The reason ? Light colors block the infra-reds responsible for heat. To better support commuting or to enjoy a lunch on the terrace with colleagues, we opt for looks in palettes of white, beige and pastel! And don’t forget: heat doesn’t like gray, which marks all traces of perspiration. So if you have to stay in sober colors at the office, opt for black or white instead!

And if you are working from home , everything is allowed on the look side. Be careful, however, to adapt your outfit in the event of a videoconference meeting. Have a nice summer everyo

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