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The sunny days of summer are here and all the pretty ladies are racking their brains about the dress code in the office. With this oppressive heat, it is no longer a question of wearing classy outfits such as pants, jackets, shirts and pencil skirts. You need a light clothing solution while keeping your look chic, appropriate to your work.

The pretty summer dress with pumps

Are you one of those who has never worn a dress in the office? For this summer, it’s the perfect time to take the plunge. During the sunny period, your pretty little dresses will come out of hiding and follow you to the office. To go to work, you can afford bright or light colors, depending on your choice, with a knee length or just above. Bet on a pretty V or round neckline, a dress that embraces your morphology. You can also choose a white dress with a simple and fluid cut (linen or silk preferably). If your look still seems casual with this white dress, pair it with a little jacket. For the accessory, opt for sandals or light pumps to give a chic-cool look to your look.

summer fashionThe mid-calf skirt accompanied by wedges

Who says summer, says light clothing The flowing mid-calf skirt in a retro style would be perfect for a work outfit. This cut is very elegant and it highlights your femininity while keeping the comfort side. It is therefore a great option to be feminine in the office without distinguishing yourself from your colleagues. The top, bet on a structured cut that will offer a casual, but professional look. Normally, a mid-length or midi skirt is accompanied by a pair of wedges or heels that will adjust your elegance to the presentation of your figure.

The pants, the ones that aren’t too classy

Some women do not prefer to show their legs, complex or tan question? That’s no problem, wearing linen summer pants in solid colors or with printed patterns is always in style. The advantage with linen pants is their lightness. You can adopt this style in the office by having this impression of being on a walk, a very pleasant feeling. As for the feet, wedges or sandals will be ideal to complete your look. You can also choose the 7/8 pants that will show, just a little, your ankles for a classic style and for the top, wear a short-sleeved shirt with a striped pattern, it will be perfect!


How about chic shorts?

Some ladies have never worn shorts in the office for fear of attracting too much attention and distinguishing themselves from other colleagues. Wearing shorts to the office isn’t easy if you’re not used to it, but it’s not impossible. You’re not going to wear minishorts, anyway! Try to wear elegant shorts with a high waist and a flared cut that will give another style to your look this summer. For the top, opt for a light blouse, a blazer and small sandals or a pair of ballet flats without heels in a sober color, you will be perfect and comfortable all day long. Even in shorts, your chic look remains irreproachable.

You haven’t chosen the vacation option for this summer? It does not matter, stay in the office and adjust your outfit with the summer season. The main thing is to be comfortable in your skin while keeping the elegance of your look. Even while being at work, summer is the perfect opportunity to get rid of your usual outfits so make way for femininity and impose your personality. It is still necessary to avoid the “too much”, the too bare and the too short which are reserved for weekends and small outings.

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