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What you need to know about Best Eyelash Conditioner

It’s safe to say that everyone wants longer lashes—just look at all the available lash extensions, lengthening mascaras, and artificial lashes. One of my old addictions was frequently acquiring lash extensions in my search for longer, fluffier lashes, however using too many extensions might harm your natural lashes. Enter lash serums, the finest remedy for eyelash thinning or short lashes due to genetics.

Of course, you don’t have to have had eyelash extensions to consistently use a lash serum. In fact, I’ve been choosing lash extensions less and less since I started using a lash serum on a daily basis. However, it doesn’t follow that all lash serums will result in your having the Bambi-esque lashes of your desires.

e, we asked board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and Mohs surgeon, M.D., FACMS, FAAD, of the Clinic, to explain exactly what to look for in a lash growth serum.

Are lash growth serums actually effective?

Since Latisse is the only product for lash growth that has received FDA approval, the term “lash growth serum” may be a little deceptive. If you’re interested in a product that has been shown to promote growth and thickness, speak with your dermatologist or physician about receiving a prescription (which Latisse needs).

It’s okay if you’re not prepared to commit to a prescription-level regimen; choosing an OTC choice still has value in that situation. To make your lashes stronger and better condition—and consequently look darker and fuller—the majority of over-the-counter (OTC) lash serums rely on a long list of moisturizing components and/or follicle-stimulating peptides or isopropyl cloprostenate, a substance that promotes hair growth and is identical to the prescription drug bimatoprost.

Dr. asserts that certain eyelash serum do work while others may not be as efficient; the key is to do your homework and pick the product with the component list and formulation to support its promises. According to Dr., the majority of effective lash serums contain a prostaglandin derivative that prolongs the anagen (growth) phase of the lash. Naturally, as we age, our hair tends to grow drier and thinner, and hair loss becomes more prevalent. Although we frequently worry that this will happen to our heads, the truth is that it can also impact our eyebrows and eyelashes.

By replenishing these nutrients, lash serums can help lengthen hair development and maintain the hair healthier and stronger. Nutrients including protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 are essential for healthy hair and growth. A successful lash development serum must focus on and extend the anagen growth phase of the lashes, which is the first stage of growth when the lashes are actively growing, according to Dr.

What components in lash growth serums give them their effectiveness?

In addition to providing the hair with the nutrients it needs to grow successfully, the components in eyelash serums condition the lashes from root to tip and add gloss, making the lashes appear longer and fuller overall.

There are natural lash serums that, of course, exclusively contain natural chemicals, and serums that are not entirely natural and contain ingredients created in a lab, according to Dr.

Important active ingredients to search for in an eyelash serum are peptides and amino acids. The majority of lash serums contain peptides, which are essential because they heal damage to the hair protein and strengthen and enhance the appearance of lashes. According to Dr.

Biotin, often known as vitamin B, is frequently included in lash serums. Keratin, a protein that is a component of strong, healthy hair (including lashes), is known to fortify the keratin in lash hairs, according to Dr.

Olive oil, castor oil, and rosemary are other natural substances that are frequently found in lash development serums. Ricinoleic acid, which is present in castor oil, has antibacterial, detoxifying, and follicle-moisturizing properties, according to Dr. Castor oil and olive oil both have the ability to strengthen hairs and add lustre, which makes lashes appear thicker.

What qualities need to a lash growth serum have?

To address the strength and beauty of the lashes themselves as well as the follicle’s health, seek for substances. A truly successful solution should, as previously noted, extend the anagen (initial growth) period of eyelash growth, advises Dr.

Peptides and amino acids are frequently included in lash serums and are excellent for enhancing the health and growth of lashes. It’s also a good idea to look for conditioning agents because they maintain the moisture in the skin and hair and make the lashes appear fuller.


When I stopped using Dermal MD Eyelash Serum to remove my eyelash extensions, my eyelashes were thicker and more voluminous. After extensive waxing and plucking in the 1990s, my eyebrows also needed some assistance, so I used it on them as well. It took some time—probably three bottles—to let my brows grow back, but these days you really don’t have to use eyebrow pencils if you don’t want to.

When it comes to lengthening my eyelashes and brows, I used to constantly believe that it was impotent. They appeared to be present in some people but not in others. I didn’t like being in the second group, where I was.

I started looking for a serum that could assist in promoting thicker, fuller-looking lashes because I wanted the long, gorgeous lashes you see in advertising. After some searching, I began to despair that

I would never discover one that genuinely works. I made a grave error. I was able to achieve the lashes and eyebrows of my dreams thanks to MD’s Eyebrow and Eyelash Serum.


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